Cheryl Robson – Project Creator, Advisor and Film Producer

Sue Palmer – Project Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Strupinski – Film Production and Project Assistant

Rebecca Gillieron – Mentor and Editor

Alex Chambers – Finance

David Birkett – Press and Marketing Manager

Jennifer Wheatley – Book Editor

Alice Marwick – Designer

Jack Timney – Website Creator and Manager


Many people are volunteered to help make this project happen, and we appreciate their generosity and support-

Joy Clareburt – Oral History Collection and Management
Pete Watt – Oral History Collection and Production
Isabel Barnes – Oral History and Digital archive
Alina Apostu – Oral History and Digital archive
Juliet Peacock – Research and Administration
Fay Allum – Film production and administration
Maya Begum – Research and Oral History
Virginat Ouadiabantou – Bookkeeping and Administration
Alison Hill – Copy Writing and Proofing
Georgia Whitney – Research, Marketing & PR, FB and Twitter accounts
Ben Makin – Event support
Margaret Ruttle – Oral History Collection and Production
Oliver Mangham – Runner (Film Production)
Chris Nicholson – Research and archive
John Stephens – Oral History and Collection
Anna Laura Festa – Book design and production
Ed Harris – Oral History and Twickenham Museum
Ian Alderson – Oral History Collection and Production
Guilia Nava – Book design and production
Paul Hockie – Digital archive and cataloguing
Margaret Willatts – Oral History Collection
Nick Riedlinger – IT Support Technician
Jim Bean – Tea chest instrument and Stage Builder
Sarah Blackwell – Artist recreating ‘Eelpiland Mural’
Vicky Steane – Assistant on ‘Eelpiland Mural’ recreation
Molly Gibbons – Film production and administration
Alex Cooper-King – Heatham House gig at EPC producer


Michele Whitby – Curator

Live Music Events

Gina Way – Chairman / Treasurer of the Eel Pie Club, Twickenham

Warren Walters – Secretary of the Eel Pie Club


Volunteers working on the Eel Pie Project receive free training including:

Wed 12th June – all day training in Oral History with Sarah Lowry from the British Library, on interviewing, recording and managing a project

Wed 19th June – all day training in Curating, Object Handling and Heritage at Orleans House Gallery and Twickenham Museum

Mon 24th June – Introduction to Final Cut Pro with Helen Walker

Tues 25th June – Oral History training for students at Waldegrave School for Girls, Twickenham, with Sarah Lowry

Fri 21st June and Fri 5th July – e-book production with Simon Smith

Saturday 28 September 11am – 5pm – Sound engineering workshop at State of the Ark Studios, for Heatham House Youth Centre musicians including First Girl in Space.

Session organiser – Dwayne Hamilton – Music Youth Worker

Tuesday 15 October 10am – 3pm – using Audacity and Oral History Collection and Cataloguing with Sarah Lowry – British Library / Oral History Society Trainer